Aggi with camera

This is Aggi, a young Apatosaurus. She is the main character from our book ‘Aggi and the Mystic Boots’. In the book, more than anything Aggi wants to be a member of the Dinosaur Explorers Club so that she can go on exciting adventures such as enter the Jurassic Cup, a quest to find the smallest living thing.

We want to encourage children to be curious and ask questions and so we have set up Aggi’s Explorers Club, a free-to-join science club for all young adventurers who love to discover, learn and ask questions.

Aggi’s Explorers Club is aimed at children aged 5-10 years old (but older and younger children can absolutely get involved in our activities too). You do not need to pay to join or to be a member of Aggi’s Explorers Club. If you sign up, approximately once per month we will send you an email containing activities for you to enjoy at home as well as news about upcoming events that you can come and join. Some of the events may have costs associated with them, but it is entirely up to you whether you want to attend these.

Aggi’s Explorers Club launches in September 2021 and our first topic for exploring is that of extinction. From dinosaurs to dodos and some more recent extinct species much closer to home as well, Aggi’s Explorers will get to explore the natural world past, present and future.

October the 12th is Ada Lovelace Day. Considered by many to be the first computer programmer, our topic for exploring in October will be inspired by Ada Lovelace and her pioneering work.

During November we go back to our company’s microscopic roots and look at the work of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. Often known as the Father of Microbiology, Antonie hand-crafted some of the earliest known microscopes as he sought to explore an undiscovered world of minute organisms that he was certain must exist.

If joining Aggi’s Explorers Club sounds exciting, then you can subscribe by emailing our Aggi’s Explorers Club organiser, Kelly.

Aggi reading a book
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