Paramecium Press Ltd is a company based in Norwich, UK.  The Directors are Harriet Jones, Rachel Cladingbowl and Kelly Edmunds.  The company specialises in producing novels, story books and games with content that introduces young people to the world of microbes. The first products are the books Aggi and the Mystic Boots and Blake’s Small Adventure, and the game Aggi’s Tiny Friends.

We will consider products from other authors who create products where the story or the game are the most important feature, but through those media, children are introduced to an aspect of science.


The Team

Harriet Jones: 

Harriet Jones

Harriet has a passion for delivering science in ways that makes it exciting and accessible to all age groups from young children to undergraduates. Having children of her own, Harriet was dismayed at the limited amount of informed but enjoyable reading materials for young children relating to her own scientific specialism in microbiology. As a National Teaching Fellow with over 20 years’ experience in teaching delivering innovative online materials with global impact and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia Harriet decided to redress the balance and started to pursue her dream of a children’s book about eukaryote microbes. This was made possible through meeting author Rachel Cladingbowl at the gates of their children’s school.  Harriet brings a wealth of teaching experience, knowledge of microbiology and contacts within the science educational sector and a passion for childrens publishing.

Rachel Cladingbowl:

Rachel Cladingbowl

An independent spirit with a love of poetry since childhood Rachel is an accomplished poet who came to prominence when her work was used as the basis for a beautiful and moving life affirming animation ‘Via’ (2018). The animation, built around the evocative writing of Rachel was produced by Izzy Burton and narrated by Harry Dickson. It was nominated for a BAFTA and won numerous film international festival awards in 2018.

Rachel is an inveterate blogger of 10 years, publishes her poetry online and writes articles for student online teaching resources, MOOCs. A skilled and driven poet producing politically inspired works, Rachel has always been and always will be a writer – a great talent that combines her unique skills in creative writing to bring microbes to the lives of families in a wonderfully inspiring and captivating way, combining the best of both science and art

Kelly Edmunds:

Kelly Edmunds

Kelly is a first generation University educated scientist and committed educationalist with proven skills in developing programmes of learning. She is a Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has been teaching for more than a decade. Having produced scientific materials for a range of audiences, from pre-school through to postgraduate level, and with her own young children, Kelly believes in, and understands, the importance of early access to books that capture the joy of learning, inspire and encourage children to read and help them explore their world. Harriet and Kelly have known each other for many years, since being taught by Harriet as an undergraduate; they share a common ethos about education and learning and the need for early stage awareness of science.

Kelly has been involved in socially responsible scientific research programmes relating to bird-flu, Ebola virus transmission and COVID-19 and is recognised as an effective organiser and administrator. She is also a leader who embraces new challenges, cultures and opportunities and having travelled, lived and worked internationally (Mauritius, Vietnam and other SE Asian countries), Kelly brings a worldly perspective to Paramecium Press and its future development.