What are people saying about ‘Aggi and the Mystic Boots’?

Aggi reading

“With my eight grandchildren , I’ve seen and bought a few books over the years, and yours is one of the loveliest I’ve read! Colourful, engaging, interesting, educational, a great (small) size and so beautifully presented.”


“I was so pleased to receive my copy of ‘Aggie’ today. I think it is absolutely delightful , so beautifully illustrated, such lovely colours as well as being interesting and informative. It is something to be treasured, though it will be just right for my smallest grandson : Jude 6 years old (as from yesterday.) And his two sisters will enjoy it too – 13 and 15yrs!

I particularly liked the way you wrote speech and your use of meaningful, interesting verbs (I could have used it in my pre GCSE English groups way back when I was in Adult Literacy!) eg: ‘no idea, shrugged Aggie/ remembered Aggie/ explained Aggie/ /muttered Ceratium/ complained Granny … etc. I used to try to get my students to think of these sorts of words instead of using ‘said’ all the time. Thank you.”