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Paramecium Press is a small publishing company based in Norwich, UK. We are dedicated to creating science-based books and games for all ages.

Our books are available to order and buy through your favourite local book seller or see our book seller list.

Blake's small adventure book cover

But no one saw Blake,
No one at all,
No one saw Blake
Because Blake was too small.

Blake’s Small Adventure

A tale for 3 – 5 year olds.

Living in a pool on the marshes, Blake is lonely and dreams of finding friends to play with. Join Blake as the high tide sweeps him away on a hair-raising adventure.  Will Blake ever find friends his own size?

‘ Engaging young readers is so important and the opportunity to show them the wonder and excitement of science at such an early age is a real treat. This book brings together a whole host of characters, from so many different species, to take the reader on another miniscule adventure.’

Ben Garrod (writer and presenter)

Blake’s Small Adventure‘ is now published and available to buy via your local book seller or see our book seller list.

Aggi and the Mystic Boots book cover
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Aggi and the Mystic Boots

An underworld adventure to discover the smallest living creatures.   Aggi really wants to win the Jurassic Cup.  Will an ant be small enough to win the prize?  Or can she find something even smaller?

On the edge of a lake a friendly Stegosaurus shows Aggi the Mystic Boots.  Where will they take her?  And what will she fine there?

‘As a lover of mini beasts, I’ve always been convinced it’s the small things that run the world. It turns out though when it comes to biology, the smaller you go, the more important the organism can be! This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the hidden ways our world works.’  

Steve Backshall (explorer, writer and presenter)

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Aggi And The Mystic Boots‘ is now published and available to buy via your local book seller or see our book seller list.

Aggi's Tiny Friends game postcard

Aggi’s Tiny Friends game

For all ages 4+

A new game from creators Owen Senior and Sean Turner designed for tablets and other mobile devices.

Great for schools where children can be helped to understand microbial life with a fun game.

Discover a world often unseen that exists in every lake, stream, ocean and even the smallest puddles!

Guided by Aggi from Aggi and the Mystic Boots, choose your own microbe and take them on a journey of survival in different vibrant environments.  Help them thrive by giving them features and abilities to swim, avoid being eaten, and then see how quickly they multiply.

The game will be available from PlayStore in 2023.  Watch this space for more information.